The products of OSAKA BOILER MFG.CO.,LTD. have been gaining a high reputation from both domestic and overseas customers for our research, development and reliable production technology since 1925. OSAKA BOILER has maintained its position as a leading boiler manufacturer.We are making sustained efforts at further improvement in quality and credibility since obtaining ISO9001 certification from Nippon Kaiji Kyokai (class NK) in 1996.

Technical Information

By the technical information, we introduce the cause and the maintenance method for the trouble which has a tendency to increase recently.



  • Dec, 2015: Our head office moved to new location
  • May, 2012: Complete a development design of "Energy-saving waste heat recovery boiler"
  • Jun, 2010: Obtain ISO900-2008 certification
  • Jan, 2010: Total order quantity of all products has exceeded 15,000 units
  • Oct, 2008: Total order quantity of OVS2 type composite boiler has exceeded 1,000 units
  • Jan, 2006: Total order quantity of SG type exhaust gas economizer for the Turbo Generator System has exceeded 250 units